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Sean's Poetry


“All Things New”

By Sean Cates

To the homeless vagabond

To the wandering soul unloved by this life

To the orphan who’s feeling lost and scared

To the lonely widowed wife

To the child filled with sadness

To the mother in despair

To the father overwhelmed with burdens

To cancer victims losing hair

To the beauty queen who hates herself

To the quarterback clothed with shame

To the aborted prophet prince

To the addicted man with worldly fame

To the priest who’s fallen short

To the nun with anger built

To the athlete who knows there’s more

To the musician searching still

To the table dancer bound by chains

To the immigrant with dreams to fly

To the hitchhiker with no destination

To the army mother too weak to cry

To the baby born without legs

To the old man who’s never seen 

To the waitress struggling daily

To the straight A student turned a fiend

To the young man scarred by “Christians”

To the hopeful modern Jew To

The Muslim afraid of Allah

Jesus Christ makes all things new 




A soldier sits atop the mountain high

Overlooking the valley below

His armor shines like stars in the sky

The soldier’s face begins to glow

Strapping on his belt he waits to ride

Victory will come he fears not death

Nor the troubles arising on every side

This soldier is thankful for every breath

He lives to die and he thrives in war

He loves not his life he knows there’s more

When the battle comes he’s been prepared

This soldiers alert he lives his life aware

A radiant warrior his eyes like fire

Atop the peak he presses on higher

Fueled by love driven by desire 




“My Life”

By Sean Cates

If my life consists of one thing

It’s to share the love of Christ

I’ll gladly pass from this earthly tent

If just one friend receives eternal life

To share the truth with those who’ve never heard or known

That without His cross we’re hopeless and utterly alone

If we’ve sinned just once we’ve fallen short

There’s no good deed we can do to please the Lord

It doesn’t matter how good we try to be

Or our perfect record as a church attendee

Heaven is a very holy place that demands perfection

Created by God, and for God, through his affection

To pass from this earth to a much more glorious joy and peace

We can’t depend on our pastor, our husband, or priest

Our debt’s way too high to obtain a spot up above

Theirs only one way to eternal life, Jesus Christ and His love

On the cross He took our penalty, our debt, and our pain

In hopes that we would simply trust in His name

The moment we surrender we no longer have doubts

We have a blessed assurance of a heaven bound route

If my life consists of one thing, If I ever a take a stand

Let me share the cross of Jesus and extend His loving hand