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 We live in a culture and age filled with pill-poppin', club hoppin', gin & juice sippin', blunt tokin', money idolizing, bored-stiff humans.  We cruise along from one pleasure to another searching for what will give us the high and sense of purpose we're looking for.  We all have pain, levels of shame due to poor choices, and we all have a desperate need to be rescued from the evil in us and around us.   

Wars ravish our nations, crime consumes our cities, materialism attempts to buy our affections, & false religions deceive even the most intelligent of our society.  

Our computers are more sophisticated than ever, our cars are faster, our cell phones attach to our EARS, we text, we facebook, we youtube, we tweet, we upload, we download, we compete against one another, we ToLeRaTe SiN and yet.............




 We're in the ocean drowning, we're in a gang fight without a bullet proof vest, we're in the lions den with meat wrapped around our necks, we're in IRAQ, we're in AFGHANISTAN, we're in a blizzard shivering, we're blind-folded, we're exhausted, we're rich but poor, we're HIGH but low, we're hungry, we're thirsty, we're in need of a hero.  It's not superman, it's not batman, it's not some fairy tale fictitious Santa Clause creeping down our chimney to eat our cookies. 

It's not a President, a talk-show host, a Nascar driver, a horoscope.  When you have water in your lungs you need AIR.  When you're dehydrated in the desert you need WATER.  A car cannot run without GAS, a light cannot glow without cannot SHINE without 



I'm challenging a generation to SEARCH for and RESCUE those who have never known Jesus Christ.  I'm urging a generation to LOVE GOD, to LOVE OTHERS, to lay down their lives for something that will actually count! 


Your life is one day closer to ending!  Live for SOMEONE who matters eternally.  You're $elling your$elf for a quick thrill, a cute girl, a slippery sly guyThat girl will be ugly in 30 years.  That guy will be fat in a couple decades.  Live for Jesus....give your life to something ETERNAL.  Die for Christ, and live forever!!!  You want purpose?  Stop sinning!  You want a cure to your boredom?  Wait, wanna know why it's called boredom...because we're borndumb in SIN.  That's why we must be BORN AGAIN.   

Encounter the Most High God and comeALIVE

Boom shocka locka fried chicken leg soup.  Where my dogs at? 


There is only......

one who gives life, one who saves, one who delivers, one who justifies, sanctifies, purifies, and EXEMPLIFIES PERFECTION.